Master ABC Handicap

Starts January 28th 2017
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We understand that everyone has things to do and can’t spend all day or 2 in a pool room on the weekends. The Branson is a tournament by the players for the players that will let players play in quality pool tournaments without the commitment of the traditional tourney.


Master ABC Handicapped Tourney

A Master ABC handicapped tourney will be handicapped as such. Each player will be ranked by the tournament director. The highest or most skilled rank is “Master”. This level of player will have no handicap. The next level down from “Master” is the “A” skill level. When an “A” skill level plays a “Master” player, the “A” skill level will have a one ball handicap. This ball handicap will be taken at the time the “A” skill level player is at its last ball before the 8 ball and not before. (example: “A” player shoots all six balls of their group with one ball remaining before the 8 ball…”A” player removes remaining ball of their group from the table and continues the game shooting at the 8 ball.) If player “A” fails to remove the remaining ball and shoots at the ball that was given/weighted…it is a foul and “ball in hand” to the opposing player. When a “Master” player plays a “B” skill level player, the ball weight will be 2 balls.

If you shoot the 8 ball and you miss but you forgot to take your ball or balls off it’s a foul ball in hand and your balls come off the table.


() Numbers in parenthesis are the amount of balls to be given or getting. These balls are to remain on the table until they are the only balls remaining before the 8 ball. Failure to remove balls will be considered a foul “ball-in-hand”. If a player who receives weight scratches on the last ball before their allotted weight…the weighted balls will remain on the table until the player receiving weight returns to the table…the balls will be removed at that time…failure to remove balls will be considered a foul.


Tournament Rules

Race to 7

Alternate Breaks

7ft Bar Box Tables

Lower Handicap breaks first

Rack your own

Open after the break

8 ball pocketed on the break counts as a win (Breaker loses if the cue ball is fouled)

We will be using the US 8 Ball rules with the Master ABC handicap system.

Click here to see the US 8 Ball Rules

We will like to keep everything friendly but we understand there will be disagreements. Please try to solve these like adults. The Coin flip will solve many things. We also recommend using your phone’s video camera (slow – motion if possible) to record funky situations. Try to stay out of the way when recording though.


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