Master ABC Handicap


We understand that everyone has things to do and can’t spend all day or 2 in a pool room on the weekends. The Branson is a tournament by the players for the Players that will let players play in quality pool tournaments without the commitment of the traditional tourney.

Stretched out to 8 weeks with the last 8 players to play the finals at The Las Vegas Cue Club. The tournament will be run by weekly rounds. Players have 1 whole week to get their match played. Players will need to coordinate their own match every week. Players making it to certain rounds on the winner side will have bye weeks.

Race to 7 Alternate Breaks on 7ft Bar Box Tables

We will be using the US 8 Ball rules with the Master ABC handicap system. Here is a link to the US 8 Ball Rules

Click here to see the US 8 Ball Rules

On the final day of the tourney the Final 8 players will meet at The Las Vegas Cue Club where the remainder of the tournament will be played out. That is also where and when the payouts to the top 16 players will be paid out.

We will like to keep everything friendly but we understand there will be disagreements. Please try to solve these like adults. The Coin flip will solve many things. We also recommend using your phone’s video camera (slow – motion if possible) to record funky situations. Try to stay out of the way when recording though.

The tournament will start the Sunday after we get 64 players.




Total Payout: $6,400 based on 54 players

1 $1,344 (21%)

2 $960 (15%)

3 $736 (11.5%)

4 $608 (9.5%)

5 $384 (6%)

6 $384 (6%)

7 $256 (4%)

8 $256 (4%)

9 $208 (3.25%)

10 $208 (3.25%)

11 $208 (3.25%)

12 $208 (3.25%)

13 $160 (2.5%)

14 $160 (2.5%)

15 $160 ((2.5%)

16 $160 (2.5%)


Master ABC Handicapped Tourney

A Master ABC handicapped tourney will be handicapped as such. Each player will be ranked by the tournament director. The highest or most skilled rank is “Master”. This level of player will have no handicap. The next level down from “Master” is the “A” skill level. When an “A” skill level plays a “Master” player, the “A” skill level will have a one ball handicap. This ball handicap will be taken at the time the “A” skill level player is at its last ball before the 8 ball and not before. (example: “A” player shoots all six balls of their group with one ball remaining before the 8 ball…”A” player removes remaining ball of their group from the table and continues the game shooting at the 8 ball.) If player “A” fails to remove the remaining ball and shoots at the ball that was given/weighted…it is a foul and “ball in hand” to the opposing player. When a “Master” player plays a “B” skill level player, the ball weight will be 2 balls.

() Numbers in parenthesis are the amount of balls to be given or getting. These balls are to remain on the table until they are the only balls remaining before the 8 ball. Failure to remove balls will be considered a foul “ball-in-hand”. If a player who receives weight scratches on the last ball before their allotted weight…the weighted balls will remain on the table until the player receiving weight returns to the table…the balls will be removed at that time…failure to remove balls will be considered a foul.

Las Vegas Cue Club

Free match time and warm up time


5.00 match and warm up time

Putters Eastern

5.00 match and warm up time


5.00 match and warm up time



  1. Donny

    I am excited about this event.

  2. Lino

    I can already tell that there is a potential of misunderstanding the handicap system for 8-ball.
    The issue is the timing of exactly when the “balls before the 8 ball” come off the table.
    I have already heard comments and would not want to fall victim to what most people know as the 4 balls off the break hustle.
    I think its important that there is a clear understanding on exactly when the lower skilled player is required to take the balls off the table.

  3. Donny

    Lino they are the Last balls taken off the table by the person receiving the handicap.

  4. Donny

    When you get to the ball before your handicapped balls or ball you can play safe by pocketing your last ball and the handicapped balls remain on the table cause the inning will be considered over. If you scratch on your last ball before the handicapped ball or balls the spotted balls remain on the table until that player returns to the table. Both these situations the ball or balls must be removed when the player returns to the table.

  5. MirageDealer

    Hmmm, It doesn’t say what size table. I was thinking 9 footer, but I see you list PUTTERS as a venue. So, Now I assume it is on 7 foot tables. Am I correct?

  6. donald branson

    Race to 7 Alternate Breaks on 7ft Bar Box Tables. Its written above thank you

  7. MirageDealer`

    Ok, so I can’t read…can’t play pool either..

  8. Chris

    Thanks Donnie going to a lot of fun. YOU Rock BROTHER !

  9. MirageDealer

    Hey, Donnie got a question about a rule. What if the other player pockets (legally) your ball and it is the ball before your handicap balls come off.. Do those ball then come off? Or would you have to pocket a ball before they come off?

  10. David Dattilo

    How to get a hold of my opponent chris

  11. MirageDealer

    Stand on Fremont and wait til they drive by Dave….

  12. MirageDealer

    Got another what if: What if a player illegally pockets a players last ball before he has to take his balls off? ie. he just pockets the ball…I would think it would be spotted as near as possible to where it was…it also could be considered forfeit of game under the sportsmanship clause?

  13. Anonymous

    How can someone illegally pocket one of his opponent’s last ball? They don’t come down until that player is at the table. Why would you spot it if it comes down immediately anyway? If its illegally pocketed I assume a foul so the player would be given ball in hand also. Not that difficult people.

  14. Donny

    There is 3 cases where the last ball is pocketed and the balls stay on the table. When the person receiving the handicap plays a safe shot and pockets the last ball before the handicap balls inning is considered over. When the higher handicap pockets last ball before the handicap when pocketing the called ball inning continues. When lower handicap pockets last ball before handicapped ball and scratches. Hope that clears it up a little thank you for your inquirys.

  15. Donny

    In all 3 cases the ball/balls come off when the lower handicap player comes back to the table.

  16. Chris

    Hey Donnie do you have dirty Mikes number ?

  17. Donny

    My focus is on the apparel right now thank you for your information and I’ll do my best.

  18. BorisBig

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  19. Pool Soup

    Thank you Boris

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